Little Miss Muffin

A family business. A generational love of baking. A new face and a healthy spin on traditional favorites. Unique flavor combinations bringing life to tired classics. Little Miss Muffin has gained national attention, praise and accolades since its inception in 1993. Small beginnings capitalizing on a wildly successful lowfat muffin line. Products were added, changed and introduced as the bakery grew and grew. Today, with low and full fat muffins, cookies, brownies and bars, scones and more, Little Miss Muffin asks, what are you ready to bake?


Take a brother and sister team, an early 1990's dedication to healthful lifestyles, a generational passion for baking, a lot of talent and a twist on classic flavor combinations, and you have the beginnings of a successful  bakery. With the birth of a muffin, Little Miss Muffin bloomed. Introducing a line of low fat muffins, popularity soon expanded well beyond the Chicago market. National attention was drawn, and soon the two grew out of the family space and in to the current facility.

Products were added, full fat muffins, as well as, brownies and bars, cookies, scones, donuts, cupcakes and health and wellness products. Staying true to themselves and to their vision, the sister brother team has taken their baking fame in stride.



  • Sweet Baked Goods.
  • Mass produced, hand crafted, private label contract baking.
  • Available to produce to customer specifications, or to collaborate through our Bakery Incubator Program (BIP) to create from recipe to production, scratch to shelf, branded line of products.
  • Wholesale (brown box) or retail packaging.
  • “Library of Formulas”  - All time favorites, Regional Varieties, Seasonal Specialties.
  • Start ups / Bakery Incubator Program (BIP)


  • Bakery, 18,000 sq. ft.
  • Metal detection
  • HACCP Program
  • Annual 3rd Part Audit
  • Full time QA/QC/RD Staff
  • In line horizontal flow wrappers for individually packaged items.
  • Outsourced freezer space of 50,000 sq. ft.


Bulk Packed or Individually Wrapped Products:
Muffins: 1-7oz, core and seasonal flavors
Cookies: .05-5oz; available in six core flavors
Brownies/Bars: 1-5oz; core flavors in a variety of sizes and shapes
Scones: 1-6oz; core flavors, round and triangular
Cupcakes: 1-6oz, available in seven core flavors
Health & Wellness: baked goods with an emphasis on nutrition

Markets Include:
Coffee Retailers   •   Airlines   •   Club Stores
Grocers   •   Department Stores   •   Independent Retailers
Catalog Retailers   •   Food Service Management Companies
Schools   •   Food Service Distributors

Sweet Miss Givings

Sweet Miss Giving's - Presented by Little Miss Muffin and benefitting Chicago House's Programs.

Sweetly giving back to the homeless, low income and/or gender nonconforming in Chicago.

Your future is looking sweet... Sweet Miss Giving's has some indulgent plans for you this holiday season.

A shiny new website featuring online ordering is in the oven, being cooked up just for you. Corporate and individual baked treats, decadent bars, cupcakes, cookies and brownies all wrapped up and ready for gifting.

Make your holiday list and get ready to gift with Sweet Miss Giving's! Simply sign up for our email list and you will be the first to know when online ordering is launched!

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